Nomination form for Resident Assistant /Commuter Peer Assistant- 2024-2025

Nomination Form

We are seeking candidates for the Resident Assistant and Commuter Peer Assistant positions. The Resident Assistant and Commuter Peer Assistant positions are a great opportunity for student leaders to develop their own leadership and professional skills.  Resident Assistants serve as the go-to resource for their peers - providing strong connections, impactful experiences, and leadership within the hesidence Halls. Commuter Peer Assistants provide are the same resource for the commuter community

Please nominate full-time undergraduate or graduate students with the potential to serve in this capacity.

What is your role on campus?
Is it okay for us to share with the candidate that you nominated them?
Thank you for your nomination.  The RA/CPA Selection Committee will be reaching out to the students who were nominated shortly.  


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